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Excitement at Lanseria Airport !

On the way back to Cape Town, we took the flight from Lanseria Airport – a suburb of Jo’burg. We got lost getting to the Airport from Laudium – for there were NO Road Signs to the Airport.

To make matters worse, when we called the Lanseria Airport Information Centre – they initially gave us incorrect directions, before guiding us correctly on the second panic call. However, we reached the Airport late – and missed the flight. We booked for the next flight after paying a substantial penalty !!

When we approached the Airport authorities to complain about lack of Road Signs – they put their hand up saying its not their job !! To add insult to injury, the liaison official put the blame back on us for booking the second flight – and advised we should have been on “stand-by” – and we would not have had to pay the “penalty”. Imagine being stranded for the night with all the musical instruments if there was no place on “stand-by”. Apparently, thats the risk we should have taken ! I must say on the whole, this liaison officer was quite obnoxious !!

It gets better !! when we went for our hand baggage check-in – boom – they said we have some speakers which cant go through – apparently they cause magnetic interference !! the speakers in contention were Roland cube 30 and Roland stereo (10 w) – pretty tiny ones ! and the only way of checking was – keep them near antique computer monitors – and there is some color change !! they wouldnt even let us take it as check-in luggage. Thank God for some good souls who managed to get it out to us in Cape Town.

Hell, what an experience !!

Posted by Balachander   @   1 August 2011

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