Sadharani - A site dedicated to Indian Classical Music, Veena and Dhrupad. Sadharani - A site dedicated to Indian Classical Music, Veena and Dhrupad.
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Tribute to my Guru and Dhrupad Legend – Ustad Zia Fariduddin Dagar

Ustad saheb – fondly known as Chote Ustad – as the younger brother Ustad of another legend, Rudra Veena maestro the late Ustad Zia Mohiuddin Dagar – passed away on May 8th 2013 after a brief illness.

On the first day that i met him 25 years back, we started talking about music – and he sang an incredible Rag Khamboji. Since then, we have had a wonderful relationship as a Guru – Shishya, a guide, mentor and a father figure to me. Memories come flooding back to an unheard of 2 hour alap in Raga Pilu – which is “considered” to be a light raga, sampoorna ang of Raga Darbari etc.. !!

The incredible control on his voice, ability to produce shrutis at will – when he would demonstrate the various nishads of Khamboji patiently as many times as we wished to hear, or the Gandhar of Darbari etc.. The experiences and memories are endless, and so are his musical outpourings.

Even though he was a strict teacher, as a person and a human being – he was very tender at heard, easily moved by difficulties or situations of people close to him. He was always very helpful – and till the end, was happy to clarify doubts and sing for us.

It is not easy ┬ánor possible to write down everything – and some are best kept as memories than being written down.

We’ve lost a great man – and I’ve lost a Guru – but then, as he used to say “Guru kisi ka marte nahin” (Guru never dies) !!

We miss his presence, we promise to try our best to carry the tradition forward – and seek his blessings..


Posted by Balachander   @   9 July 2013

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