Sadharani - A site dedicated to Indian Classical Music, Veena and Dhrupad. Sadharani - A site dedicated to Indian Classical Music, Veena and Dhrupad.
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  • Kala Bharati Concert on 21st July

    Jul 09 2013

    1. Avadhoot Phadke – Flute
    2. Balachander – Chandra Veena (Dhrupad)
    Venue  : Karnataka Sangha Hall, Matunga (W), Mumbai.
    Time : 10:00 AM

  • Swar Yatra Concert on July 20th

    Jul 09 2013

    A Baithak in memory of late Ustad Zia Fariduddin Dagar
    Dhrupad on Chandra Veena by Balachander
    Venue : Hindustani Hall, 2nd floor, Ravindra Natya Mandir
    Time : 6:25 PM

  • Tribute to my Guru and Dhrupad Legend – Ustad Zia Fariduddin Dagar

    Jul 09 2013

    Ustad saheb – fondly known as Chote Ustad – as the younger brother Ustad of another legend, Rudra Veena maestro the late Ustad Zia Mohiuddin Dagar – passed away on May 8th 2013 after a brief illness.
    On the first day that i met him 25 years back, we started talking about music – and he [...]

  • Dhrupad with Djembe

    Nov 19 2011

    My last concert in South Africa at the Erin Hall, Cape Town was on 8th Aug. Till a few hours before the concert, we still had not decided on rhythm accompaniment. Finally, on Mike’s suggestion, we went with Ali – a brilliant Djembe and Talking Drum drummer. This was our first meeting – and within [...]

  • Lecture at Cape Town University

    Aug 01 2011

    Mike has arranged for me to take a couple of classes for his 4th year Music Graduation students tomorrow. That could be most interesting – and has kept me brooding on my approach to the lecture !! Look out for after lecture comments.

  • Dhrupad Concert with a Jazz drummer at Erin Hall 29th July, Cape Town

    Aug 01 2011

    There is a general lack of good Tabla players in Cape Town. So, I chose to play with a Jazz Drummer Kesavan !! The Erin Hall Concert on the 29th July was most exciting – and my first Dhrupad recital with a Jazz Drummer. I must say, it was a most pleasant experience – once [...]

  • Excitement at Lanseria Airport !

    Aug 01 2011

    On the way back to Cape Town, we took the flight from Lanseria Airport – a suburb of Jo’burg. We got lost getting to the Airport from Laudium – for there were NO Road Signs to the Airport.
    To make matters worse, when we called the Lanseria Airport Information Centre – they initially gave us incorrect [...]

  • Tagine Dinner

    Aug 01 2011

    Yesterday – 31st July 2011, i had a fantastic salad breakfast at the Italian restaurant in Century City, Cape Town called Col’Cocchio pizzeria. Its a great place for Italian food.
    Mike Nixon invited over his friend Brendon Bussy (a brilliant South African Sound artist, website : for dinner. Brendon had come over with another brilliant [...]

  • South Africa – Musical and Otherwise !!

    Aug 01 2011

    I arrived in South Africa on the 13th of July – and been here since then. There have been so many pleasant happenings and exciting times – but been just too lazy to blog. Hopefully, i shall be able to recall most of the interesting experiences.

  • Family Vacation

    Dec 17 2010

    Here we come – watch out Rhinos… We are off on a family vacation to Guwahati / Kaziranga National Park.. looking forward to the Elephant Safari !!

  • KSHITIJ Concert

    Nov 16 2010

    KSHITIJ music group invites you to ‘Panchyatari Mehfil’,
    An evening of Hindustani instrumental and Vocal music,

    Sri S. Balachander
    ( Dhrupad Veena player, Disciple of Ustad Zia Mohiuddin Dagar, Ustad Zia Fariduddin Dagar and Pt. Pradeep Kumar Barot)


    Sri Kedar Bodas
    (Vocalist, Disciple of Pt. Ashok, Ranade, Pt. JT Janorikar and Pt. Ram Marathe)

    Venue: 2103-04 Sky Flama A-wing, Dosti [...]

  • Another Day !!

    Oct 30 2010

    Another day, another weekend – and a whole lot of errands to complete.. shopping for Diwali, guests coming – and planning for the week ahead including a vacation and Diwali..

  • My Salutations !!

    Oct 29 2010

    Entharo Mahanubhavulandariki Vandanamu – (so says Saint Thyagaraja in one of his Pancharatna Kritis) – which means – “there are countless great personages – my salutations to them all”…
    so i begin this blog with my salutations to all the great personages – and seek their blessings in my life and work !!

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