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What is Sadharani?

Sadharani aims to use technology to document and present Indian Classical music in a transparent and approachable manner.

Indian Classical Music

Indian Classical music is known by its performances and musical works, but there is much more to it. It is an ecosystem of people including students, artists, instrument makers, concert organizers, content producers and patrons. Many of its principles are age old, and yet it is an evolving and contemporary system of music. Despite being traditional in character, Indian Classical music has accepted and used technological advances to solve musical problems and improve musical capability.

Our Goals

We would like to make Indian Classical music accessible to a wide audience. We believe that ultimately music is a human connection between the artist and listeners. We would like to make listeners feel at ease and relish the music, by creating high fidelity recordings which capture its full richness and dynamics. For inquisitive members of our audience, we would like to create material, demonstrations and tools that shed light on the ecosystem, principles and traditions of Indian Classical music. We believe in making the best use of technology for all these goals.

Our Projects


S Balachander is the custodian of music at Sadharani. He believes that each one of us is born with an innate ability to respond to and appreciate music. As a student first and then as a performer, he has been on an interesting musical journey. Starting with his varied training in different styles of Indian classical music and through the process of inventing and performing on his instrument Chandraveena, he has continued to deeply study and understand the system of Indian Classical music. He hopes to share his perspective and insights to help to make Indian Classical music more approachable to people.

Aravind Iyer is the caretaker of technology at Sadharani. He believes that it is up to us to make the best use of technology and processes to improve everything we do. After his prior work in academic and industrial research, and technology development, he wanted to cater to his wide-ranging interest in music. At Sadharani, he hopes to learn how to apply his thinking and principles to the world of Indian Classical music.

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